Nasser Al Jabri (Abu Dhabi) The number of companies providing security services within the country 404 companies, while the number of employees in these companies is more than 30 thousand employees, and the number of sites in the public and private sectors, which provide security services about one million and 300 thousand sites, according to For statistical data issued by the National Security Institute. Ali Darwish al-Falasi, the institute’s executive director, said that the institute has trained 1205 male security guards and 147 security guards from the national cadres, in order to overcome obstacles and build partnerships with private security companies. Providing theoretical and field training courses, including training courses for Emirati security guards. In a special statement to Al-Ittihad, Al-Falasi identified the main challenges facing the settlement of private security companies to the need of the subject in its early stages to define its importance and sensitivity. “During the past years we have worked to increase awareness of the importance of individual security in private security companies and its role in the protection of community property as a profession that represents a noble community value through regular meetings and media campaigns. We saw the keenness of young national cadres to join the profession. To the companies through the registration of the citizen enrolled in the profession without registration fees », pointing to the demand of qualified national cadres, both male and female to receive training courses at the Institute, and the acquisition of practical experience in the practical field, in addition to receiving theoretical science, In the promotion of competencies in the field of private security. Al Falasi stressed the Institute’s commitment to providing the highest standards and internationally recognized training standards by using the best scientific practices that take into account the cultural specificity to ensure the highest standards of quality in public safety training for the good and safety of society. Al-Falasi pointed to the high proportion of eligible to enroll in private security companies from 18? 2014 to about 60? This year, due to the development of the training program, which includes fitness to prepare the security guard to deal with various circumstances, and includes several lessons related to first aid, and values ​​of control, linkage and commitment during the performance of the profession. The role of the Community Safety Caravan in raising awareness, preventing fire hazards and earthquakes by providing awareness sessions for all groups of society to reduce fires in homes, institutions, earthquakes and hurricanes. Falasi said: “The convoy can accommodate more than 10 people, and contains three sections, the first training to deal with the best fire prevention in the kitchen and how to extinguish it, and second, the way to deal with the incidents of bedrooms, reduce the spread of fire in the rest of the house, , The definition of dealing with natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, according to the guide issued by the Institute’s management recently entrusted with the responsibility of creating standards of training in the UAE for security guards, which is the training wing of the management of the organization of private security companies, and seeks to develop and implement training programs Private, health, occupational safety and, according to the highest international standards, to develop the capabilities and skills of private security elements, to be qualified mentally and physically and morally to enhance the security and safety of the community.